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What Is Required To Get Vehicle Title Pawns?

Are you dealing with an emergency that is causing you to look for vehicle title pawns? Our title loan lenders make it easy for you to find the required items and get through the process. In fact, when it comes to the required items, they don’t even require you to bring too many things! To learn more information on what you need to bring, read our guide below.

What Do You Need To Get Vehicle Title Pawns?

You only need a few things to obtain vehicle title pawns from us. In fact, you only need three simple items to get title pawns. These items are so simple for you to remember and bring in. In order to proceed and find out if you were approved, you need to bring in the following items:

  • Driver’s license or state-issued photo ID.
  • Lien-free vehicle title.
  • Vehicle for inspection.

Once you have these items, you can get through the process and find out if you’ve been approved by one of our vendors within a few minutes. And if you want to learn more about these items and how they play into the process, this guide will break down each item and explain why you need them to get through the vehicle title pawns process.

Driver’s License Or State-Issued Photo ID

The first item you need to bring in for vehicle title pawns is your driver’s license. This allows you to prove you are at least 18 years old. You cannot qualify for this loan – or any other loan – if you are a minor. If you happen to not have your driver’s license at the moment, you can use a valid state-issued photo ID instead. The main thing is that your identification must have your photo on it and be valid.

Lien-Free Vehicle Title

The next item you need for vehicle title pawns is a lien-free vehicle title. A lien-free car title, otherwise known as a clear car title, proves you do not have any outstanding liens or judgments on your vehicle. Lien-free also means you are finished paying off your vehicle completely.

Title pawns are not offered to those who currently have loans against their automobiles or those who aren’t finished paying off their automobiles. Please wait until you've paid off the loan before applying for a vehicle title pawn. If you have to make any changes to your title, please do so at the DMV before you apply.

Vehicle For Inspection

The last thing required before our lenders decide if you qualify for approval is your vehicle for an inspection. While the title is the collateral for this car pawn, your vehicle inspection allows them to determine how much you could receive if you do qualify for approval. When it comes to what vehicle you can use, cars, trucks, and vans are acceptable.

They can't accept boats, RVs, motorcycles, or other modes of transport. The key thing is you are finished paying off your vehicle and it is in your name for you to use it for vehicle title pawns. Your vehicle determines how much money you can receive from an auto pawn. They evaluate the following factors when analyzing your car's worth:

  • Its odometer reading — The higher your vehicle's mileage, the less that it tends to be worth. Excessive mileage indicates extra wear and tear that any new owner will have to pay for. Therefore, it can be worth less upfront.
  • Its age — As many drivers know, vehicles lose around 60% of their value throughout the first five years of life. So, the older your car, the lower its potential value. 
  • Its make and model — Manufacturers like Lexus, Tesla, and Cadillac create superior vehicles complete with premium price tags. They could be worth more than lower-end makes like Nissan, Kia, and Toyota.
  • Its condition — If you've failed to change the oil regularly and install a fresh set of tires when needed, the condition is worse, and thus, so is its value. Similarly, bumps, stained interiors, dents, dings, and scratches could possibly lower the value. Taking care of your vehicle is a sure-fire way to help retain its value and get more money from your car pawn.

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Once You Have The Items, Start The Process

Once you've gathered the required documents, it's time to start the title loan process. Luckily, it's straightforward and will be over with before you know it. Our vendors make sure to make the vehicle title pawns process simple and easy for anyone to get through.

In fact, you can get through the process even if you have poor credit or are unemployed. Plus, the in-person appointment takes 30 minutes to complete, with you finding out if you are approved within a few minutes and then just filling out some paperwork to complete the application. Just follow the quick run-down to learn what the process is like:

  1. Fill in the online form found on our website. It sends your information directly to your nearest vehicle title pawn location right away.
  2. One of the title loan representatives will give you a call to discuss the process, answer your questions, and set up an appointment at a location of your choice.
  3. Meet with the loan representative at the store or have them meet you at a more convenient location. Make sure you have the required items for vehicle title pawns.
  4. The title pawn representative will examine your vehicle and information to determine how much money you can receive from the pawn and if you qualify for approval.
  5. If you do get approved, complete the rest of the paperwork. Once you are done, you can get the money you need on the same or the very next bank business day.

Get Your Vehicle Title Pawns Today!

The simple title loan requirements ensure receiving vehicle title pawns is as smooth sailing as possible. So if you are ready to get title pawns, use this guide to make sure you have the required items ready. Once you have the items ready to go, you can begin the process by completing our short online form now!


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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