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The Guide To Summer Travel Destinations on a Budget

Your budget is tight, but you still want to vacation this year? Consider traveling on a budget! There are numerous destinations out there that combine adventure and affordability. In this post, we’ll consider some of the best spots that make it easy to travel on a budget.

Here Are The Top 7 Travel On A Budget Destinations

1. Carolina Beach, North Carolina

It may not get as much attention as Florida or California, but the North Carolina coast and its Outer Banks is a gem. Carolina Beach is in the middle of it all — more laid-back than Wilmington, less crowded and less expensive than Wrightsville and Kure beaches, and just as beautiful as all of them. Here, you’ll find moderately priced restaurants and hotels, while still within short driving distance of larger attractions and shopping.

2. Bar Harbor, Maine

You may think that Maine isn’t an option for travel on a budget, but even its most desirable vacation towns are surprisingly within reach. Bar Harbor is the gateway to the unforgettable Acadia National Park, but the town is worth a visit on its own.

There are fantastic restaurants, wonderful whale watching tours, and a laundry list of outdoor activities to choose from. All this, and hotels are remarkably affordable, averaging just $120-$150 a night, even during the summer.

travel on a budget to bar harbor maine

3. Vail And Winter Park, Colorado

Winter is the prime time to visit the ski slopes in Colorado, but the state’s the perfect summer destination for travel on a budget. Even the luxurious Vail becomes affordable, with discounted hotel rates for visitors to rest as they enjoy hiking, white-water rafting, tubing, and the free art galleries at Vail Village.

Winter Park is another outdoor paradise option, particularly for those into fishing and biking. The entire family will enjoy the Grand Park Recreation Center, where $9-$11 tickets give you access to pools, trampolines, a foam pit, and a gym.

4. Australia

Summer in North America means winter in Australia — and the best time to find both great deals on flights and hotels to fill your travel on a budget needs. On top of that, the continent's must-see destinations are extremely less crowded, including the Great Barrier Reef off Queensland or bustling Sydney with its world-famous beaches.

5. Chile

It’s also winter in Chile during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer — and skiers should take note. The skiing near Santiago, including at Valle Nevado and Portillo, as well as Pucón, is far more affordable during Chilean winter than any of the top American resorts. You’ll want to stick around Santiago, which is dotted with exceptional wineries and fantastic seafood restaurants. You’ll be shocked by how little a room in one of the many high-end hotels will cost you, too.

travel on a budget to santiago chile

6. Fort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers may not get the same attention as Florida’s top beach cities like Miami and Daytona Beach, and that’s unfortunate. The southern Gulf Coast town offers everything in those areas without the high cost, including great nightlife, boating, seafood, and beaches that are distinctly more laid-back.

While rates in Florida for hotels or rentals dramatically increase in the summer, you can travel on a budget easily in Fort Myers with its surprisingly affordable options.

7. New Orleans, Louisiana

If you can handle the humidity, New Orleans is the most affordable during the thick of summer. Hotel rates drop nearly by half and there are discounted rates in place for museums like the Southern Food and Beverage Museum and multiple course meals at the city’s numerous restaurants. Flight costs also drop by as much as 60%. It's time to let the summer good times roll in the Big Easy.

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