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How It Works To Get Auto Cash Title Loans From Auto Cash USA

At Auto Cash USA, we help connect people like you to various lenders that are nearest to you, making it easier for you to get the loan you need from a reputable agency. But we wouldn't blame you for not knowing how it works. Perhaps you've never used a service such as Auto Cash USA before.

Well, today we're going to lay out the process of getting auto cash title loans with our direct lenders. Don't worry: it's much simpler than you may think!

Getting Auto Cash Title Loans

Items You Must Have

No matter which lender you choose to get auto cash title loans from, there are certain things that you will need in order to qualify for the loans. If you don't have them in your possession, you will need to find or acquire them before requesting a loan. These items are:

  • A driver's license or state-issued ID
  • A lien-free title to your vehicle
  • Your vehicle for inspection

That's it, that's all you need to apply for auto cash title loans. But let's talk about why you need them.

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First, your ID is obviously needed to prove that you are who you say you are. Simple, but important!

The title which is the official document that says you are the owner of the vehicle in question. It must be fully in your name: it cannot be a vehicle you are still paying off or a company vehicle that you drive. It must be entirely yours.

Having a lien-free title means you cannot have any outstanding loans against the vehicle. In other words, you can't be using it on collateral for another loan if you want to use it to get a title loan. You can only have one loan against your car at a time!

Finally, a vehicle (car, truck, or van) because title loans offer money based on the value of your vehicle. So, you'll need to have it inspected by the lender to determine if you qualify and for how much.

But assuming you have all of these things, let's talk about the actual process of requesting auto cash title loans.

The Title Loan Process

Once we've connected you to a suitable lender in your area, what do you do? Well, the title loan process is actually quite simple. The lender's website will have a secure inquiry form for you to fill out. This will let them know you are interested in a loan from them. After submitting it, a representative will contact you via phone as soon as possible.

The representative will set up a time and place for you to meet them. At that meeting, they will verify your documents and inspect your vehicle to determine if you qualify for the loan and for how much. If you are approved for the loan, the representative will answer any questions you have and guide you through the process of signing some forms.

Finally, the loan documents will be emailed to you so they can be signed electronically. When all of this is complete, the loan money will be deposited directly into your bank account, either on the day of the meeting or the following business day. As you can see, the entire process is very simple!

vehicle title loan contract and money

Auto Cash Title Loans FAQs

If you still have questions about how title loans work, check out these FAQs to see if your question has already been answered!

Can I Apply Even With Bad Credit?

Yes, you can apply and qualify for a title loan even if you have bad credit. Good credit helps, but bad credit will not keep you from getting a loan from one of our lenders.

Can I Keep My Vehicle?

Even though a title loan requires you to put up your car as collateral, you are not required to forfeit your vehicle to the lender. In fact, the lender will only need your vehicle title, so you can keep your car while paying back the loan.

What if I Am Not Traditionally Employed?

While being traditionally employed gives you an easily provable income, you do not have to be traditionally employed to apply or qualify for a title loan with one of our vendors. As long as you have a way to prove income that will allow you to pay back the loan, you can still qualify.

How Much Money Can I Get With A Title Loan?

The amount of money available with a title loan varies from one lender to the next, however, most of them provide funds up to $15,000.

But remember, the amount of money you are actually offered with a title loan will depend on the value of your vehicle, which is determined by its age and condition. A newer, better-maintained vehicle will be worth more than other vehicles.

If you would like to find out more information or get started on your auto title loan today, let Auto Cash USA get you the help you need now.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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