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Tapping Into Title Pawns For Extra Funds

Your search for extra funds doesn’t have to be long and complicated, not with Auto Cash USA ready to help you get a title pawn. With just a few documents and some simple paperwork, you could find yourself receiving up to $15,000 quickly to help you make urgent payments. 

The rest of this article below will help you understand how to do just that. You’ll discover how title pawns work, what you can use one for, and what steps you’ll go through to get one.

How Do You Get Extra Funds With A Title Pawn?

First, let’s dive into how title pawns give you access to extra funds. Simply put, a title pawn enables you to borrow up to $15,000 cash for the short term by using your car title as collateral.

For that to happen, the title must show that you own the vehicle outright. So, it must be registered in your name, and it must also be free from any outstanding loans or judgments.

In other words, it must be a ‘clear’ or ‘lien-free’ title that authorizes you to use it to borrow money. Title pawns offer plenty of convenience, making it a popular option among borrowers. For example, you won’t have to worry about surrendering your vehicle just to apply for one.

Instead, you’ll get to keep it after a quick inspection to complete your application. Besides that, title pawn approval is also well known for having relaxed requirements and fast processing times.

tapping into title pawns for extra funds

What Can You Use A Title Pawn For?

You’re free to use a title pawn for any reason, however, they should only be used for emergencies. Their unique benefits make them most suitable for urgent, short-term financial situations that require immediate attention.

You might find title pawns helpful in situations like:

  • Paying for medical treatment if you or a loved one falls sick or gets injured.
  • Funding critical repairs for your home or car that cannot be put off until later.
  • Buying last-minute travel tickets to be with loved ones during a family crisis.
  • Avoiding eviction by paying overdue rent.
  • Getting current on utility bills.

As you can see, there are plenty of situations when a title pawn could be a helpful option to use. One thing that they all have in common is that they’re situations needing cash quickly.

Do You Need Good Credit To Qualify?

No, you don’t need good credit to qualify for a title pawn. Title pawns are known for having relaxed requirements, and having perfect credit is not one of them. That means you can apply regardless of whether your credit is good or bad.

Your loan request will be considered the same as any other applicant as long as you can fulfill the requirements and provide the necessary documents.

The amount that you’ll qualify to borrow will depend on several factors. One of the most notable ones is the value of your car, which a representative will determine during the loan process.

What Does The Loan Process Look Like?

Suppose you’re ready to tap into a title pawn for extra funds and want to do it quickly. In that case, here are the steps you’ll follow to complete your loan request:

Step 1: Submit The Secure Inquiry Form

Everything begins with the secure inquiry form, so fill it up with your details and submit it when you’re done. The form will only require a few basic bits of information like your name and contact information. Once you submit the form, a loan specialist will receive your information and contact you soon after.

Step 2: Speak To A Loan Specialist

Next, be sure to keep your phone charged, turned on, and nearby so you can catch the loan specialist’s call when it comes in.

When it does, they’ll ask you a few questions to understand your financial needs better. That will enable them to connect you to a suitable licensed loan vendor who can meet your needs.

man with extra money

Step 3: Meet The Licensed Loan Vendor

Later, you’ll meet the licensed loan vendor in person to provide the loan requirements. They’ll verify your documents and inspect your car for a few moments before letting you know the outcome. You’ll find out whether or not you’re approved and, if so, how much you qualify to borrow.

Step 4: Get Paid

If you’re approved, the final step is to sit back and relax. You’ll get your money quickly, possibly on the very same day you are approved or by the next business day. Whatever the case, your wait won’t be too long!

Get Your Extra Funds Now!

If you’ve got a lien-free car title, you can use it to unlock extra funds at any time with a title pawn. Just take the first step now by reaching out to Auto Cash USA through the convenient and secure inquiry form. Before you know it, you’ll be connected to a loan specialist in your area who will walk you through the rest of the process!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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