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How To Replace Or Transfer A Car Title

If you are trying to place or transfer car title, it can feel daunting if you have no idea where to begin. Thankfully, the DMV provides clear and helpful instructions to help you replace or transfer your car title. Requirements to get a car title copy and necessary paperwork vary by state, but you’ll need to complete an application to replace or transfer your car title and submit it to the DMV.

There are a lot of steps to replacing or transferring your car title, but the process is pretty straightforward once you know what you’re doing. So if you need to replace or transfer a car title, check out this guide to properly replace or transfer your car title with no headaches.

What You Need To Do To Transfer Or Replace Your Title

How To Replace Your Car Title

While you should transfer car title immediately, If your title gets lost or damaged, you might need to replace it. The first thing you’ll need to do is complete an Affidavit of Loss or Release of Interest form to get the ball rolling. Then, make sure you have all the registered owners of the car sign the form and have it notarized by an authorized notary.

Once the form is complete, mail or bring the finished form to either the vehicle licensing office or quick title office. The prices may vary by state and are subject to change. The Vehicle Licensing Office can give you a new title within 8-10 weeks. On the other hand, the Quick Title Office can mail or give the title to you immediately. The prices for title replacements are as follows:

  • Vehicle Licensing Office Price
    • Vehicle Replacement Title: $35.50.
    • Trailer Replacement Title: $35.50.
    • Boat Replacement Title: $26.75.
  • Quick Title Office Price
    • Vehicle Replacement Title: $85.50.
    • Trailer Replacement Title: $85.50.
    • Boat Replacement Title: $76.75.

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How To Transfer Car Title

Now, if you have to transfer car title, that is a little different of a process. Transferring your car title is a big deal and can’t be done through the mail. You’ll need to appropriately transfer ownership through the use of legal documentation at the DMV. You can’t transfer your title anywhere else. To get started, the seller is required to take off the plates and turn them into the DMV.

License plates are individual identifiers that cannot be given to another individual without the proper documentation. You can only transfer license plates if you’re transferring to a separate vehicle. The seller will need to provide the following information and sign on the seller's side of the title when you give the paperwork to the DMV:

  • Name and address.
  • Date of sale.
  • Sale price.
  • Mileage of the vehicle.

Once done, the seller gives this document to the purchaser, as well as a bill of sale. The buyer will subsequently sign on their part and put their driver’s license or their Entity Identification Number. If you are transferring the car as a gift, be sure to note that on the purchase price line on the title to avoid sales tax.

In addition to all of this information, liens that were on the title must be paid before a new title can be issued. As with replacing your car title, your requirements will vary by state, and it’s always prudent to look at the laws regarding vehicle transfers in your state. It is especially important you look at the laws before you come to the DMV.

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How You Can Use Your Car Title For An Online Car Title Loan

Once you either have to replace or transfer car title, you can then use the new title to get an online car title loan to help with emergency expenses. If you’re looking for a reputable lender, we here at Auto Cash USA can help you. To get started, fill out the online form on our website. We will then connect you with the nearest loan location.

When you speak to the representative, they will set up an appointment to inspect your car and verify the title. If you are approved, just sign and complete the paperwork. They will also go over the loan terms so you understand everything. You should get the money either later that day or the following bank business day.

Learn How To Replace Or Transfer Your Car Title Today

Learning how to replace or transfer car title is important for you to know. Use these tips to get started on either replacing your title or transferring it right now. And if you've just recently had a transfer car title and need some emergency cash, then fill out our online form to help you out with an online car title loan!


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