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5 Ways Of Paying For Funeral Expenses

Paying for funeral expenses can be difficult, but is absolutely necessary. And many people aren't aware that payment is due before the funeral has actually taken place. So, knowing the best ways to pay for these expenses before you need them is essential. 

Luckily, plenty of helpful methods are available that will help solve your issue of paying for funeral expenses, when you don’t already have savings set aside. In the following sections, we will go over the top five ways to fund funerals, so you won't have to struggle when the time comes. 

5 Ways To Pay For Funerals

1. Prepaid Funeral Plan

The majority of the population chooses to pay for funerals in advance with a prepaid funeral plan. It's a special "preneed" contract that's funded by an insurance policy, annuity offer, or trust. 

Some funeral providers offer a guarantee that secures the cost of the funeral items and services at the current price. That way, you won't be affected by inflation when it comes to needing such services. The two preferred prepaid funeral plan options are as follows:

  • Preneed policies — They can be paid in full or via an installment plan that fits into your budget. The money heads to a special insurer that offers growth with a few tax advantages. 
  • Funeral trusts — Depending on the underlying investment, you'll get some growth from funeral trusts. Make sure you completely understand the terms of the funeral trust before signing anything. They vary drastically from state to state and from one provider to the next. It's worth paying extra attention to the trusts' portability too. 

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2. Crowdfunding Website

If you need help paying for funeral expenses immediately, you can use a crowdfunding website to gather the funds. Typically, you will use a general fundraising platform like GoFundMe.

However, you can also use funeral-specific crowdfunding websites that are tailored to this sort of fundraising.

Regardless of the type of site you utilize, they are efficient ways of receiving the financial support required to conduct a meaningful celebration of your loved one's life. 

3. Charitable Or Government Organizations

If your loved one was a military member, you can apply for burial benefits from the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Upon gaining approval, you will receive reimbursements for any funeral expenses you have to pay. 

Some states also help in paying for funeral expenses through the Children's Burial Assistance, Funeral Consumers Alliance, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and more. Contact your county's coroner's office to figure out whether you qualify. Alternatively, search your local religious or nonprofit organizations that provide financial help for funeral expenses. 

4. A Low-Cost Burial Option

If you don't have the money to start paying for funeral expenses, there are plenty of low-cost burial options to consider. And choosing one does not mean you care less about your loved ones — they're just viable ways to save money while giving your friend or family member the send-off they deserve. 

  • Green burial — An environmentally-friendly and less expensive option where you do not use a casket or vault. The body is put in a shroud or biodegradable casket, and embalming isn't part of the process.
  • Skip embalming — If visitation (or viewing) isn't important to your family, ask to skip the embalming process. It means the burial can take place immediately, and you can choose the kind of memorial you want to provide. 
  • Choose cremation — It tends to be less expensive than burials and eliminates the cost of a casket. 
  • Provide your own casket — You don't need to buy a casket from the funeral home conducting the service. Instead, you could buy from a third party to save money. 

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5. An Online Title Loan

You can use one of Auto Cash USA's direct lenders to help fund funeral expenses with an online title loan. There's no need to have a good credit score, and if you are approved, you could get the money as soon as the same day or the next bank business day. 

If approved, you could borrow up to $15,000 with a title loan as long as you own a vehicle outright, have a valid form of ID, and have a lien-free title. A lien-free title means that the vehicle is paid in full and there are no judgments against it from another lender or entity.

Start Paying For The Funeral Expenses Before They Hurt Your Finances

As you now know, there are plenty of paying for funeral expenses methods that you can take advantage of when your loved one passes away. While it isn't the happiest of conversations, it's an important one — after all, funerals tend to be much more expensive than most people anticipate. 

If you don't have time to go through various channels to obtain the money you need for a funeral. You can connect with one of our direct lenders to get an online title loan. Simply complete the online form on our website, and a representative from the nearest direct lender's location will call you to guide you through the process. 

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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