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How Does An Online Title Pawn Compare To Other Traditional Loan Options?

An online title pawn is a quick, reliable resource when you need urgent cash. If you’re carefully considering your options, here’s how title pawns stack up against the competition.

Compared to traditional loans, title pawns usually have a more lenient and streamlined application process, allowing people with poor credit to apply by using their car title as collateral for the pawn. Traditional loans, on the other hand, are usually backed by financial institutions and have strong reputations.

There are pros and cons to choosing title pawns online, and in this article, we’ll help you discover whether one is an option for you in a financial emergency.

The Difference Between Online Title Pawns And Traditional Loans

How Do Title Pawns Work?

Before we start comparing and contrasting, it’s worth laying out some of the basics. Title pawns use your vehicle title as security for the pawn. To do so, a lender places a lien against your car title, which makes them the temporary owner of it while you make payments. Once your payments are finished, you’ll reclaim ownership of the vehicle.

Setting up pawns like this can benefit both the lender and the borrower. The lender has security that the borrower will repay the pawn as agreed, and the borrower has more skin in the game, lending credence to their promise to repay the loan.

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Traditional Loans Explained

Of course, online title pawns aren’t the only borrowing option available. Traditional loans are strongly considered to be a tried-and-true borrowing option, offering good lending terms and trustworthy lenders.

Banks, for example, offer loans that are usually set at a fixed percentage and are repaid in monthly increments. Personal loans don’t require collateral and are effective for debt consolidation, helping to reduce the total amount you owe.

In this case, however, lenders usually look to your credit to check if you’re a good candidate for the loan. Banks often won’t touch potential borrowers with credit under 600. Those with fair or bad credit may be charged a higher interest rate or monthly payment or may not be approved at all.

Which Loan Option Is Right For You?

Choosing between title pawns and traditional loans is a matter of circumstance. If your credit is strong enough to support a personal loan, and you have the time to wait for approval, then opting for a bank-backed loan with a trusted financial institution may be the best route. However, if you don’t have great credit or need to borrow more, then a title pawn might be the better option.

Online title pawns don’t require great credit because the loan is secured by your title. In addition, if you need cash urgently, a title pawn through a direct lender might be a better resource to speed up the application process.

Traditional loans can take days, if not weeks, to process your application and give you the money you need. In general, here are some circumstances in which a title pawn might be preferable:

  • You own your vehicle outright
  • Your credit can’t support a personal loan
  • You have urgent medical bills
  • You have costly home repairs
  • You have rent or utility payments to make
  • You need to pay for urgent business travel

Notice that in each of these scenarios, the situation won’t improve by doing nothing; ignoring your bills isn’t a solution, since you’ll just end up with more expenses in overdue fees and damage to your credit score. It’s not a road you want to walk, which is why the quick application turnaround on online title pawns is so appealing.

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How To Apply For An Online Title Pawn

Auto Cash USA can help you find the right lender to get an online title pawn. We are a lead generation site that helps connect you with a lender who’s willing to take you on based on the information you provide.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out our quick request form, and we’ll automatically connect you with a lender who’s right for you.
  2. Soon after, you can expect a call from a nearby storefront to help you through the rest of the process.
  3. On the phone, you’ll book an in-person meeting either at the store or at a location of your choosing. Either way, you’ll need to have your state-issued ID, a lien-free title, and your car itself.
  4. After a quick inspection of your vehicle, you’ll go through some paperwork and hopefully be approved for the loan. If so, you can expect to receive your money that day or the following business day.

Get An Online Title Pawn Today!

Traditional loans can be right in some circumstances, but if you need quick approval and own your car outright, an online title pawn could be an option for you.

Auto Cash USA is here to help when you need urgent cash by pairing you with the right lender for your needs. If you’re ready to apply, fill out our quick request form to get connected today!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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