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How To Manage Your Money During Thanksgiving

It doesn’t get much better than Thanksgiving — the food! The family! The football! — but Thanksgiving money on the other hand? That is hard to come by. 

With food prices continuing to rise many are looking to opt for a slimmed-down version of Turkey Day this year. Think of it as Thanksgiving on a budget or turkey with most of the trimmings.

Here’s how you can manage Thanksgiving money while still making this year’s holiday a feast to remember.

Make A Thanksgiving Budget — And Stick To It 

Thanksgiving on a budget doesn’t mean you have to go without it. If you usually host Thanksgiving dinner, that’s definitely still doable. Just make a few tweaks.

Thanksgiving money is managed differently than Christmas money, but the first step is still writing out all your anticipated expenses, covering everything from grocery costs to décor to drinks to travel (if someone else is hosting this year). 

Get Creative With Food Costs

The biggest expense will likely be food if you’re hosting, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. You also won’t have to sacrifice quality. Instead, do a little research and check your local stores to see when Thanksgiving items will go on sale or if they plan to offer special promotions this year.

Grocery stores commonly have turkey promotions, which can drop the price per pound significantly. Use a cash-back app to see if there are special offers tied to Thanksgiving. And clip those coupons for an easy way to manage Thanksgiving on a budget. 

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Consider A Member’s Club

Warehouses like Costco and Sam’s Club aren’t for everyone, but if you’re planning a huge Thanksgiving get-together, it may be worth the cost of membership. While grocery store prices have increased bulk items have mostly stayed the same or increased by a small fraction.

That’s perfect if you need to feed a family/friend group of 20. Warehouse clubs carry turkeys, sides, holiday drinks, and more (even extra chairs). And if you are planning to have guests stay for a few nights, it’s also a good way to find breakfast items and staples like eggs, bread, and milk that can go fast.

Or Check Your Own Pantry

In order to have Thanksgiving on a budget, every little bit helps. You’d be surprised by how much of your Thanksgiving dinner you already have.

Make sure you check to see if you have certain canned goods, herbs, spices, flour, sugar, and other essentials before spending more Thanksgiving money than you have to. 

Find Ways To Cut Back

Everyone loves the basics, like turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. Stick to those. Keep it simple with vegetables and desserts, too. A lot of Thanksgiving money goes toward buying the ingredients for fancier side dishes, pies, and drinks. Instead of all of that, pick one fancy item to go with and save the rest for Christmas. 

Plan Ahead Or Get Help

Don’t go to the grocery store if you don’t have a menu mapped out. You’re far more likely to spend more Thanksgiving money if it’s an impulse buy. Write out a list of must-haves and stick to it. If there are special requests, you aren’t required to accommodate each one. 

One way to make Thanksgiving on a budget really work is to make it a potluck. Ask guests if they will bring one dish or assign items that they are responsible for (such as plates, napkins, or drinks).

If everyone contributes a side dish, the overall price of Thanksgiving will go down dramatically for each person. 

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For Emergencies During Thanksgiving Time, Consider A Title Loan Online

Thanksgiving on a budget is more than doable with just a bit of discipline and advanced planning. But you can see your well-managed Thanksgiving money vanish if a financial emergency strikes during the holiday. 

A title loan online is designed to help with unexpected financial issues that can happen any time during the year, even during Thanksgiving. These issues include hefty hospital bills, expensive last-minute travel, and sudden home or car repairs. A title loan online can help to handle that financial emergency so that you can get back into the Thanksgiving spirit.

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Get Started Today

If you’re looking to save just a little bit of extra Thanksgiving money this year, our budgeting tips can help you. And a title loan online may help you keep your plans for Thanksgiving intact if any emergencies should arise. Either start online or give us a call today to get the help you need with one of our direct lenders.  

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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