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How It Works To Get A Loan Using Your Car Title

Did you know you can come to Auto Cash USA to find out if you can get a loan using your car title? It's quick, easy to do, and an option for anyone in search of a loan. If you fully own a vehicle for which you have a title, you can use it to get funds in a pinch. In this article, find out how to get a loan using your car title today!

Using Your Car Title For A Loan

When you buy a car, you don't necessarily think of it as a potential source of funds down the line, especially in cases of emergencies. And when you do think of it as such, you may believe that you need to Uber, rent it out, or even sell it to get much-needed funds. That is not the case or even your only option.

You can use the title of your vehicle to secure a loan based on the value of the vehicle itself.

get a loan using your car title

Car Title Loan

When you use a car title to obtain a loan, you are getting what is called a title loan. This loan is very much in line with how pawning works.

To get a loan you would hand over the title to your vehicle to the lender. The lender will keep your car title for the length of your loan agreement. Once you repay the loan in full, the lender will release the title to the vehicle back into your possession.

Can You Keep Your Car?

One of the great things about using your car for a loan in this way is that you continue to have full use of the vehicle. It does not matter the length of the loan period. Title loans do not require the vehicle to be left with the lender, only the title. 

This means that you get to go about the use of your vehicle without cause for concern. No alternate forms of transportation will be needed. 

How Does Determining Loan Amount Work?

Getting a loan using your car title is a bit different when compared to more traditional types of loans. How much you qualify for won't be determined by your credit score. Nor will it be determined by your income.

Instead, the loan amount is determined by the overall worth of the vehicle. 

How It Works

You can get a loan using your car title in a few short, simple steps.

  1. Submit the online form - When you submit an online form with a lender you are informing them of your interest in doing business with them. As such, someone will reach out to you shortly after reviewing your information.

  2. Speak to a representative - The loan representative that reaches out to you will follow up on your online submission by asking you for additional information to determine if you qualify. If you do, you will then be told how much you are eligible to receive. They will also inform you of what documents you will need to produce for the in-person portion of the application process. 
  3. Schedule a meeting - If what you are offered meets your needs, you will then schedule a vehicle inspection. 

    An inspection must be performed to confirm that the amount you were offered during the initial phone call is an accurate value for your vehicle. During this time, all of the documents you provide will also be verified, such as your identity and the car title and VIN number.

  4. Accepting an offer - Once everything is confirmed and the loan amount re-established and accepted, the last thing to do is to finish up the paperwork. Once you dot your i's and cross your t's, you'll hand over your vehicle title and get your money that same day or the following business day.

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Get A Loan Using A Car Title

Now that you know how a title loan works and how simple it is to find out if you can qualify, you can utilize your vehicle as a source of emergency funds. With the help of Auto Cash USA, finding a lender to help you access those emergency funds is easier than you think.

Lenders For Everyone

You should know that Auto Cash USA is not a lender itself. However, instead of offering title loan services, they can provide you with a list of lenders that you can work with to find out if you qualify for approval!

If looking for a lender near you is a top priority, then this is a good place to get connected with a trusted title loan provider. Auto Cash USA has an impressive list of providers across 17 states, giving customers the opportunity to find out if they can get loans of up to $15,000!

Submit An Online Form Now

Don't wait for funds any longer than you have to. Auto Cash USA can help you get a loan using your car title by eliminating the grueling search for a trusted and true title loan provider.

Having done all the vetting for you, you can get connected with a licensed lender today. Submit a quick online form to get in touch with a title loan lender near you now. 

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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