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Fast Ways To Get Help With Medical Bills

Sometimes it may be difficult to deal with medical expenses on your own, and looking for help with medical bills may be a good idea. Anyone who has been to a hospital for any reason knows that it can come at a steep cost. About 1 in 10 adults, about 23 million in the United States, have medical debt. About half of those owe at least $2,000 and more than 3 million owe over $10.000.

If you’re needing help with medical bills and needing it fast, here are a few ways to address this financial emergency quickly.

Here’s How To Get Help With Medical Bills

1. Work With The Hospital

If you’re one of the many people struggling with medical bills, a good first step may be talking with your hospital’s financial representatives. Many people qualify for financial assistance directly through a hospital, depending on their income.

You may see your bill either completely forgiven or cut in half by finding out more about your hospital’s policies regarding financial assistance. And if you received care at a nonprofit hospital, they are legally required to have such financial assistance policies.

2. Find A Lawyer

You’re never alone when you’re figuring out how to get help with medical bills. A counselor or lawyer through a nonprofit can help you address your bills quickly and pay them off faster. Credit counselors are available throughout the country.

Start by contacting an organization such as the National Foundation for Credit Counseling to find reputable help near you. The Patient Advocate Foundation is also active in helping those who cannot pay their bills. They help find ways to get assistance with copays or even work with clients to secure financial aid through grants.

Those with rare, chronic, or life-threatening conditions can also see if they qualify for assistance through the PAN Foundation which is dedicated to helping underinsured people get the medical care they need without sky-high costs.

3. Negotiate

Yes, it’s true. You may be able to negotiate certain charges or your entire medical bill either before or after it’s due. Some healthcare providers offer discounts if you offer to make a large down payment and then set up an installment plan. They may be OK with a lower bill if you can pay it in one lump sum. Often, medical providers and large hospitals are more inclined to offer bill discounts for uninsured patients.

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4. Explore Government Programs

Depending on your age and circumstance, the federal government offers many programs to assist citizens with pressing medical bills. The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and Medicaid are designed to help those who either cannot pay for health insurance or do not have the option of getting insurance through an employer. Those over 65 and those younger than 65 with a disability can get in touch with their area’s Social Security Administration office for assistance through Medicare. States vary in their requirements for Medicaid and Medicare for adults.

The federal government’s site can help people compare care options, find insurance, and learn more about preventative medical services. The Health Insurance Marketplace can also help adults find affordable insurance to cover costs.

5. Challenge Through An Appeal

If a patient believes that a provider or an insurance company is not treating them fairly, they may be able to file an appeal over a medical bill. Such appeals require documentation to back up your case as well as a letter outlining your complaint. Some states allow patients to ask for an external review of a medical bill or insurance claim that is believed to be mishandled.

6. Pursue A Car Title Loan Online

Specially designed to address financial emergencies, a car title loan online may go a long way to helping you pay medical bills quickly.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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