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8 Easy Things To Get Paid For During Halloween

Everything about Halloween is scary-good fun, from the costumes and candy to having a horror movie marathon at home (in the dark, of course).

But there’s more to Halloween than just ghosts and goblins. It’s one of the best times of the year to find a bevy of easy things to get paid for. Don’t just get spooked — get paid while you’re at it. 

8 Fun Ways You Can Get Paid During The Halloween Season

1. Craft Halloween Costumes

Your mom was on to something. Handmade Halloween costumes set revelers apart from the mass-manufactured (and usually unimaginative) outfits released by the ton every year.

It’s one of the easy things to get paid for during Halloween if you’re handy with a sewing machine and creative enough to put unique spins on costumes for children and adults.

2. Make A Haunted House

Haunted attractions garner about $300 million every year, with people always searching for the next big — and scary — thing to get in that priceless Halloween mood.

If you have the space, the management skills, and the acting chops, making a haunted house for the month may not exactly be one of the easy things to get paid for this Halloween season, but it sure can be fun and very lucrative. Create a concept, recruit help from makeup artists, designers, and craftspeople, find the space, and cash in.

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3. Or Work At A Haunted House

To be fair, not everyone has the time or desire to manage their own haunted attraction. Another option: working for one. Millions make good money every Halloween season by working at a haunted attraction close to home.

Everyone from actors to set designers and concessions, folks are always needed.

4. Work For A Ride Service 

Halloween season is the prime time to join the ride service force, driving for such companies as Lyft and Uber. Between numerous parties and bar-hopping, the need for rides jumps considerably in the month of October, making the gig a fantastic option among easy things to get paid for during the holiday.  

5. Babysit, Pet Sit, Or Housesit 

Speaking of parties, babysitting and pet-sitting requests tend to increase during the latter part of the month as people take part in Halloween events. Depending on your experience and skill, you can make a lot of cash by pet-sitting, babysitting, or even housesitting during this time, as many head out of town for large Halloween events. 

6. Or Offer Your Home For Rent

If you plan to partake in out-of-town Halloween events yourself, consider putting your apartment, townhouse, home, or even just a room up for rent on such sites as Airbnb or Vrbo.

Even if you don’t have plans, Halloween is a great time to take a little vacation yourself, especially if you live in an area well-known for its Halloween offerings and tourist attractions. 

7. Grow Or Carve Pumpkins 

Yes, it’s hard to compete with big farms that grow pumpkins each year, but there is always a market niche for unique pumpkins, especially if they come at a little lower cost.

If you lack a green thumb and have more of an artistic bent, one of the other pumpkin-related easy things to get paid for is offering carved pumpkins for sale, especially with designs that are hard for others to pull off. You could even take commissions.

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