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Who Is Eligible For Title Loans In Atlanta, GA?

What has stopped YOU from applying for Atlanta title loans? If it’s the fear of being turned down, Auto Cash USA is here to help by giving you the latest details on who is eligible for title loans in Atlanta, GA!

Just like traditional loans, there are certain requirements for getting a title loan. But UNLIKE conventional loans, title loans are generally a lot easier to get approved for.

In the next few sections, we’ll explain what makes you eligible for an Atlanta title loan — and some things that will prevent you from getting approved.

Requirements For Title Loans

Applicants don’t have to dig for bank documents, tax returns, or proof of address in order to get title loans in Atlanta, GA. The most important thing you’ll need is a vehicle and proof of ownership.

To be clear, here’s what to bring with you:

  • A vehicle - Any car, truck, or van will work as collateral for a title loan as long as it has a title. The maximum amount of your loan is based on the value of the vehicle, so if you want the max loan amount and have multiple vehicles, choose the one with the highest current value. 
  • A clear title to that vehicle - Your lender will hold the title to your vehicle in exchange for immediate cash. The title to your vehicle should be clear, which means you don't own anyone (like the bank). There shouldn't be anyone else's name on the title, including a co-signer, even if it's your spouse. If there is you will need to visit the DMV to have the title transferred into your name.
  • Your state-issued I.D. - Your identification ties everything together. The title has your name on it, and when you meet with the representative from your local lender, they need a way to verify that you are indeed the owner of the vehicle. Your ID can provide proof of this.

With these three things -- and only these things -- you are eligible for Atlanta title loans through your nearest Auto Cash USA vendor. 

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Other Requirements

There are a few other things you need to have or be capable of in order to qualify for a title loan. If you have made it this far, we're confident you'll have these things, too. 

  • Be 18 or older - You must be old enough to legally sign a contract in the state of Georgia in order to get title loans. 
  • Be able to meet a loan representative in person - You can meet with your loan rep anywhere, including their office.
  • Have 30 free minutes - Once your application is submitted, it usually takes about 30 minutes to find out if your loan is approved AND get the money in your account if you are.

What Will Make You Ineligible For A Title Loan?

It's very easy to qualify for title loans in Atlanta, GA, so don't make these mistakes that can make you ineligible: 

  • Making errors on your application - By submitting the wrong information, whether it's by mistake or in an effort to make your application more appealing, this can result in being denied for title loans in Atlanta, GA. 
  • Not providing the correct documents - The most basic documents are required, so make sure they are correct and up to date. For example, if the title isn't in your name, have it transferred before applying for your title loan. 
  • Not having enough equity in the vehicle - If you don't own the vehicle outright, you won't qualify for a title loan. Likewise, if the value of the vehicle isn't high enough to stand as collateral, you won't be able to use it for your loan. If you have questions about the value of your vehicle, chat with one of our loan experts to get a general idea of what it's worth. 

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Contact One Of Our Title Lenders To Get Started!

If you could use some extra cash — up to $15,000 — and you have a free and clear title to your vehicle, you may be eligible for Atlanta title loans.

First, fill out the simple form here on our home page. Your information will be directed to an Atlanta-area lender near you.

After you submit the necessary information, someone will call you from that location to discuss the details of your title loan. Before the next phase of your application, you’ll know how much you qualify for and what your monthly payments will be.

The last step is to meet with your personal loan consultant. This meeting can be held at their home office, or, if you’d rather meet somewhere else, just name the place! They will meet you just about anywhere, within reason, in order to make the meeting convenient, safe, and discreet.

During the meeting — which should only last a few minutes — you will be asked to present your title and I.D. and, of course, the vehicle for inspection. As long as everything is correct, your loan should process easily.

Find your local Auto Cash USA vendor to get title loans in Atlanta, GA! This process is simple and straightforward and if approved, you’ll receive the money you need that same day or the next business day!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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